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Head BIRD speak.
The SRI chatterbox looks at a topic from:
the person responsible for the action (sender)
the person at the receiving end of the action (receiver)
or from a wellbeing perspective of a person (individual)
BIRD discussion group should complete the chatterbox
from their group’s point of view as the outcomes will be different
from each group. This chatterbox is of medium difficulty and
lends its self to many different scenarios.
As birds we are always chattering away about one thing or
another from our high vantage points. We know that we can
all fly out of sticky situations, we just need to find our wings.
But we like to chatter things through. So we created a
SRI (Sender Receiver Individual) openup cross linked chatterbox
so that you can understand our chattering.
If you want to understand about NO MEANNESS
take four fictional students,
divide them into four generic groupings as individuals,
then place them into eight different places,
facing eight different situations,
each leading to an individual outcome that will provide
them with a possible personal snapshot of their school day.
I attend a secondary college. I am into everything. Always
on the move. I am a bit of a mad cap inventor and my
latest crazy activity is designing different types of
chatterboxes and board games, don't ask!  I like to party
big time, as well as taking time out to help others in one
way or another.