IPSO (Individual, Place, Situation, Outcome) Chatterbox.

A Person, Place, Situation and Outcome scenario is presented in this linear progression harm minimisation
chatterbox. Multiple scenarios can be created depending on the choices made. Students working together or
individually can assess each scenario and come up with a possible outcome and develop a strategy for this
scenario. They should question the possible harmful effects of each scenario and discuss what could be done
(strategies) to prevent or reduce these harmful effects .These strategies could be written in the last triangle.
From the Blank masters provided students could develop their own
IPSO Chatterbox. Individual or class/group
discussion would bring out possible strategy experiences and reinforce resilient behaviour.
The chatterbox masters are plainly coloured allowing students to colour them in. Colouring in, at times, can
reflect an emphasis that students may want to signal as a personal experience or a problematic scenario.