(+ve / - ve) Chatterbox

This chatterbox presents simple scenarios in a colour coded linear progression and is a forerunner to the more
complicated chatterboxes. Work through the completed examples with your students. Each colour provides the
student with some possible actions that flow onto odds and even numbers. Odd numbers provide a positive
scenario and the even numbers a negative scenario, each providing some possible outcomes and
With teacher guided discussion and group or individual work students could complete a list of similar scenarios
and share experiences. Students could sort out possible strategies, outcomes and consequences for each
colour situation. This chatterbox provides the students with an experience they may have incurred or allows them
to think about and discuss possible other situations they may find themselves in, all the time building resilient
strengths and behaviours in the student. The chatterbox masters are plainly coloured allowing students to colour
them in. Colouring in, at times, can reflect an emphasis that students may want to signal as a personal
experience or a problematic scenario.