PRAD (Personal Reflection Alcohol Drugs) Chatterbox together with FEST (Wellbeing) Chatterbox

The PRAD chatterbox is a little different from the FEST Chatterbox
(remember both these chatterboxes are a little more
The given examples are a guided tour of the possible outcomes of Alcohol and Drugs and
Personal Wellbeing, giving a time frame and eventual possible consequence of the situations.

As students develop their own or group chatterboxes from the provided template it will help them to understand
the relationship between the cause and effect of various actions or scenarios leading to class discussions and
the development of relevant strategies.
They have been used very effectively to promote discussion about alcohol and other drugs and to develop
strategies to circumvent detrimental outcomes that can lead to positive situations. These chatterboxes have led
to productive scenario and strategy discussions. The chatterbox masters are plainly coloured allowing students
to colour them in. Colouring in, at times, can reflect an emphasis that students may want to signal as a personal
experience or a problematic scenario.