School: Castlemaine
Secondary College
Partner: The Goldenhope
Foundation and others
Summary: In the past four years,
students have worked in
partnership with 31 businesses,
non-profit organisations and
government agencies.  Included
in this range of partners are the
following:  Golden Hope
Foundation, Central Victorian
Gourmet Co-operative Limited,
Elliot Midland Express
Newspaper, and the
Castlemaine Art Gallery.  These
partners all provide advice,
specialist knowledge and
experience to assist the school
in achieving student outcomes.
What the judges said: These
are strong partnerships which
show excellent planning and
are delivering very worthwhile
Golden Hope Foundation

- Established to support young people in managing depression
- Runs a diverse suite of programs to build wellbeing and resilience
in children and   young people.
- Demonstrates innovation in working with students. Students
developed a ‘chatterbox’ an interactive hand held game to explore
positive psychology.
- Builds cutting edge curriculum resources for teachers and
students to explore negative feelings and build positive responses,
build resilience.
- Established a student led, national day of action ‘Defeat
Depression Day’

Elliott Midland Express Newspaper Publishing the Poly

- Regionally based paper with a readership of more than 12,000
households per week
- Provides $100,000 in-kind support (editorial, coaching and
printing space.)