PolygonPat's PolyPlate
It's feed time at the zoo. But I deffo do not feel like eating. I do not like doing breakfast
and I am in a rush. I know it's the most important meal of the day. But rather than hear
Mum say once more "No breakfast no brains PolygonPat". I eat as much as I can.
Also I enjoy seeing the bottom of my plate. It's my favourite PolyPlate. It was designed
by Haley from school and glazed by our art teacher. Haley is real clever at art.
Once I am nearly at the bottom of the plate I slow down. I like to peek and imagine which
bit of food I can eat so I can expose the best colour and design on the bottom. It's fun. I
like making swirls with my food in what I call my magical PolyPlate. See if you can
guess the colours i like by colouring in the plate design. After you have finished
colouring in the plate cut around the outside and paste onto a paper plate.