PolygonPat's PolyRoad Maze
Thank you for visiting me at home and helping me
out. As you can see it has been a PolyRific day right
from the start.
My mum knows that I like to dawdle when I have to get
ready to go to school. Finally out of frustration mum
has thrown her hands up in the air and yelled. "Well,
once again PolygonPat I will have to drive you". I am
late for school again. Now there is one thing about my
mum that I forgot to tell you. She is not so great on
directions, so every time she drives me to school we
always seem to get lost.
Because my teacher was getting annoyed at always
hearing the same late excuse of why we got lost, she
got the class to design a school map from our house
to the school. Now if you want to visit my PolySchool
and see what goes on there you will need this map.
This amazing PolyMap was done by kids at my school.
If you get lost don't blame me.
If you want to design your own amazing PolyMap road
maze have ago below by joining the dots together.
Remember to have a start and finish.