PolygonPat Takes a Shower
Thanks for helping me out with the bed stuff. Unfortunately now that I am out of bed I have to
pop into the shower. But on the upside showering is always fun. Why? Because I can stand
under the water and I can't hear mum yelling at me to get out. Hey do you like my PolyShower
maze? It is called an Ashleen maze and was designed by two girls in my class. Awesome!
The best bit besides not being able to hear mum yell at me for taking my time is what I like to call
the slippery maze dance.  What is that you may ask?  Well because the maze is on the bottom of
the shower I can push the soap around with my foot and try to stop the soap going down the
plug hole. The only problem is it can get quite slippery down there and I have to be careful I
don't slip and fall over while I am tracing the soap through the maze.
Time has really raced around the clock. Once again I am running late. Looks like I have been
mucking around too much in the shower again, instead of getting ready to go to school. I am
really going to be late now. This time mum isn't yelling, she is banging loudly on the door! I grab
my triangular towelriffic teranadol towel and I dry as fast as greased lightning. Want to have a go
at designing a triangular towelriffic teranadol towel?
Then have a go by joining the dots together using basic right angled triangles, squares or
rectangular shapes to form a pattern. Colour in your finished design.
Now I have to tackle the problem of getting dressed. This is going to be a complicated exercise,
trust me.