PolygonPat in the School PolyLibrary.Work Book 4
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The morning recess bell went.
The end of play. Groaning was
heard all over the yard. Stupid
things, bells. Always ringing when
you are having fun. Finally when
the class settled, I announced that
we were going to visit the Library.
Everyone cheered. Now coming in
from playing didn't seem so bad
at all.
The children assembled excitedly
for their Library trip. All clutching
their specially designed Library
bags, off we went. Children talked
excitedly as they marched to the
Library building. Forming a
straight line together with another
class we waited patiently for the
Decagon Star was first in the
queue, moving from foot to foot
impatiently. DecagonStar wanted
to be first in the door. Branching
Bookitus walked out, smiled and
said "Hello, welcome to what I
think is the best place in the
world, the Library. The children
half listened to what was being
said. Something about books,
taking care of them, enjoying and
reading them. And most important
returning them when they were due
so they could get more out next
time. The children listened in
politeness. Getting too excited, I
could see that they wondered
when Branching Bookitus would let
them roam this brilliant
place."Before you all run off
searching for books I need to
explain to you how the Library
works"said Branching Bookitus.
"This year the PolySchool Library
has been set up as an
interpersonal Library. What sort of
Library is that, I bet you are
thinking? Well it contains stories
that have been written by your
class mates and other school
children. There are sections on
feelings, hobbies, emotions and
personal diaries. Furthermore, you
can use the computers to search
and locate books by title, subject or
Finally, after what seemed forever
Branching Bookitus told the
children they could go look to their
heart's content. Branching
Bookitus, realising their
excitement, tried  giving directions
fast. "To the left are books for older
students and TG rated ones
(teacher guidance), to the right
ones for the younger grades and in
the centre books for the middle
grades, all in order so you can find
them easily". The children ran from
place to place, all except Decagon
Star who quietly went to the back
section of the Library.
Remembering what Branching
Bookitus had said, Decagon Star
took a book from the shelf, sat
down cross legged on the floor
and started reading. I could see
the cogs turning in Decagon Star's
mind, (I must take this book out
and read it tonight). Clutching the
book Decagon Star went to the
counter where Branching Bookitus
stamped the book and then placed
the book into Decagon Star's
special library bag. PolygonPat, on
the other hand, spied something in
the corner and made a "B" line
straight for it. As for Striker
Schmichaels, well the section on
soccer loomed fairly large on the
horizon. The other children
seemed more content to just
browse and look stuff up on the
computers. To see a list of books
that caught their attention search
the PolyLibrary.
Story by Sally
design by
Entering the Library the children
saw lots of fun and colour. Getting
excited they all talked loudly to each
other.  Branching Bookitus brought