just like they are for you.
So this is what our class came up with.
We wanted support interactments created by us for
our own and other students use.
Interactments that would be actioned based,
different, fun, engaging and have strong imagery.
Imagery that was full of depersonalised characters
to enable discussion to happen.
In other words we wanted to use all of our multi
intelligences to create stuff for us and linked to
curriculum to make our teachers happy.

So we worked together with a philanthropic
community partner,
The Goldenhope Foundation
to develop a whole community sustainable
NO MEANNESS P.E.G.S. model with an emphasis
in this presentation on
To help you navigate through our work we have
created this index page with explanation for you.
But first a word from our sponsor. Our teacher.

MEANingFUL, calm down and stop chattering. Yes
you can download yourself as a
black line master.
Most of us have messed around with chatterboxes of some
sort or another and are familiar with the fun way in which
they have been used to communicate jokes, feelings and
messages. They are easy to construct and can be positively
used as an effective teaching and learning tool that
encompasses most of the multiple intelligences in its use.
And for the really technically minded some evidence based
university research on chatterboxes
(which have been used
in Australia for over 100 years)
. Can you remember that far
back when you played with them at school?
. Download my fantastic NO MEANNESS chatterbox
then construct your own using the template.
. You are now ready to hold your own
NO MEANNESS  WRED aWEARness day, either a
general one or a sport specific day.
But there’s more just like those adverts on TV.
. We thought that would cause you to sit up and
take notice. So here you are. A NO MEANNESS
situp just for you. Have fun.
My name is PolygonPat
but sometimes for us kids
some days "R" better than others,
The NO MEANNESS endeavour
is a social awareness project
which delivers a message that
“meanness is not allowed” to
members of the community
using various impact signage
which can be displayed in a
variety of public places as well
as community
aWEARness days, such as:
Hand of Hope/Triple-D-Day
(defeat depression day),  
Image awareness and
No Meanness to the Whistle.