Why chatterboxes
Most of us have messed around with chatterboxes of some sort or
used to communicate jokes, feelings and messages. Chatterboxes
are fun. They are easy to make and are fun to play with and construct.
The chatterbox can be positively used as a most effective teaching
and learning tool. The chatterbox encompasses most of the multiple
intelligences in its use.

Visual and Spatial                 Use of colour, patterns and diagrams.
Verbal linguistic                    Writing, discussion, description.
Logical mathematical            Patterns, logical procedures and sequences.
Kinaesthetic                          Construction, hands on, movement.
Interpersonal                         Sharing, teamwork, discussion.
Intrapersonal                         Reflection, personal experiences.

The chatterbox is ideally suited for the Visual, Audio or Kinaesthetic
The chatterboxes are fun to make either as a team initiative or as a
personal/ individual response or task. There is ownership in their
fabrication and the process and the outcomes involved. The
chatterbox can be used as a personal reflective tool or as a team or
shared reflection process. It can be used as a re-enforcement tool or
to investigate strategies or consolidate an idea or direction.
In putting this
program together we
have worked within
the guidelines of the
Department of
Education and
Family Education Social Trauma

Personal Reflection Alcohol Drugs

FEST (+ -ve)
Colour Coded Linear Progression

Individual Place Situation Outcome

A chatterbox approach
to an alcohol and other drugs
prevention initiative lesson plan.
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to alcohol and other
drugs using